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First steps

After you have installed and enabled the module, you will see a new content part, named Confirm Leave. Attach this to content types where you want to have a confirmation request appear in the editor if the user changed the editor but attempts to leave it.
Note, that currently only flexible content types are supported. This means that where a hard-coded editor is used (like with Comments) currently there is no way to properly attach any parts to the type, therefore Confirm Leave won't work either.
WYSIWYG editors are not supported, that means changes in such editors (like the built-in TinyMCE) aren't recognized by the module, therefore no prompt will be shown upon leaving (changes in other fields are nevertheless recognized).

Version history

  • v1.0.1 (13.11.2012):
    • Updating to VS 2012 project file format
    • Small fixes
  • v1.0 (06.11.2011): : First public release.

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